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If you would like to become involved in our next production, The Wytches Vendetta, film get in touch via our contacts page.  You can also look at the details below.

We are looking for all kinds of crew (from costume design to make up to camera and lights, and actors.  our target fund is £5000.  Lean more at: 


Our next production (our 10th so far) is a short film drama based around the true story of the hanging of 3 women in Exeter in 1682.  

The "Bideford Witches" were accussed by neighbours of casting spells and sentenced to death. The three were killed just as the 17th century witch hunts came to an end in England, making theirs the last public hanging in England.  Yes it would be a good story if this  were fiction, but this is the truth. And still today they stand convicted. No pardon granted, no justice. Our short film uses this history as the drama unfolds.

We are aiming to start filming in January 2020 and are looking to raise the necessary funds by then.

We will be very grateful for any funding provided and have allocated a number of rewards that will accrue to various levels of funding as follows:

Donation                    Reward

£5:         Email of digital poster
£25:      Ticket to premier/ director and   scriptwriter  presentation and plus poster plus exclusive URL to streamed film before general release.

£50:     As above plus invite to after premier party to meet cast and crew and offer of role as extra in the film

£75:     As above plus invite to attend a day's filming with the crew.

£100:  As above plus Join the 2nd crew who will be making a  documentary about the making of this film

£500: As above and listed as a sponsor in all media promotions and in the credits on the film.

£1000: As above plus listed as one of the executive producers in the title sequence at the beginning of the film